1. as well as

① She sings as well as her mother. 她唱得和她妈妈一样好。(和……一样好)

② Action, as well as thought, is necessary. 行为和思想都是必要的。(和,也) good as

① She is as good a player as her mother. 她是一个和她妈妈一样优秀的演员。(和……一样好)

② It looks as good as new. 它看上去和新的无异。(几乎,差不多)

③ We’re as good as ruined. 我们几乎垮了。(几乎,差不多) far as

① As/So far as I know, he is an honest gentleman.据我所知,他是一位诚实的绅士。(就……)

② As/So far as I’m concerned, he is an honest gentleman.据我所知,他是一位诚实的绅士。(就……)

③ I walked as far as the bridge.我走到远达大桥的地方。(远至,远达) long as

① This line is as long as that one.这条线和那条线一样长。(和……一样长)

② I will lend you the book as long as you return it on time. 我会把这本书借给你,只要你能按时归还。(只要)

③ The meeting lasted as long as 3 hours. 会议持续了长达三个小时。(长达) soon as

① Please come as soon as possible. 请尽早来。(尽早)

② I will give it to him as soon as I see him. 我一见到他就会把它给他。(一……就) much as

① We have as much food as they have. 我们有和他们一样多的食物。(和……一样多)

② He spent as much as 50 pounds. 他花了多大50英镑。(多达)

③ She loves him as much as before. 她像以前一样爱他。(和……程度一样)…as possible

① Please come as soon as possible.请尽可能早来。(尽可能早)

② Read as much as possible.请尽可能多读。(尽可能多) many/few as

① As many as 150 countries attended the conference. 多达150个国家参加了这次会议。(多达)

② According to a report, the ice in the Arctic Ocean will disappear in as few as 30 years. 根据一份报告,北冰洋的海冰少则30年就会消失。(少至,少则)