rather than和other than的区别


I think I’d like to stay at home this evening ____ go out.

A. rather than B. other than

答案:rather than

rather than和other than有什么区别? 


rather than意为“而不是”,逻辑上相当于instead of,本句意为:我觉得我今晚更想呆在家里,而不是出去玩儿。

other than意为“除了”,逻辑上相当于except或besides,如:

1. The truth was known to no one other than herself. 除了她本人,别人都不知道真相。(相当于except)

2. Mailboxes were sometimes used for things other than mail. 除了邮件,邮箱有时也用来装别的东西。(相当于besides;2012年高考浙江卷阅读理解D篇)