Native speaker怎么背单词?不背!

关于背单词,这是一个native speaker——也是一位华裔——的回答,对于选择记单词的方法有一定的启发。

We don’t.

No one tries to memorize words through rote memorization, at least for those with access to quality education.

We do accumulate vocabularies and expand our lexicon through reading and doing well-designed vocabulary exercises, though. Also, we have to learn spelling in primary school, which is somewhat similar to what you do to learn the strokes of Chinese characters. Being a Chinese-American, I had to do both.

As we get into a higher grade, we have to learn new vocabularies, but they all come from specific contexts. With uncommon words, some of us might use mnemonic devices or flashcards to help us remember them.

Overall, we use contextual learning and read extensively to expand our repertoire of vocabulary and phrases.


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